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Air Wisconsin Announces Crew Base at CAE

Air Wisconsin, a regional carrier for United operating as United Express, has announced plans to locate their newest flight crew base at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. The base is scheduled to be operational October 1, 2018.

 “This past week, we announced the opening of a crew base expanding our presence at Columbia Metropolitan Airport, which is a key part of our network. This new crew base will add approximately 150 new crew member positions consisting of pilots and flight attendants to the Air Wisconsin team in Columbia and is in addition to our recently expanded Columbia maintenance base. This growth of our maintenance and crew member base is resulting in the need to hire for several positions. We thank the airport for their assistance in helping us establish the infrastructure to provide air service to Columbia and the surrounding communities,” said Bob Frisch, Sr., Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Air Wisconsin.

 Columbia was deemed an excellent choice because it complements the airline’s footprint and route structure. Air Wisconsin, under the United Express brand, serves Columbia with daily flights to Chicago and Washington Dulles. They also have an aircraft maintenance base at CAE where they perform overnight maintenance for their fleet of CRJ 200 aircraft. Their other crew bases are located in Chicago, Milwaukee, and at Washington Dulles.

 “This announcement is an incredible win for both the airport and for our region as we continue our efforts to showcase both. Our thanks to Air Wisconsin for making the decision to expand their operation at CAE and for making Columbia their first crew base location in the southeast. We look forward to the additional growth that this will cultivate,” said Mike Gula, CAE Executive Director.


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